Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jumping in the Pool

I remember posting on facebook at the New Year that I would write more this year.  I've always had this deep seated dream of being a writer, but not really motivated enough to learn how to do it well, or apparently even spend much time doing it since this is the first time I've written since that post.  I believe I said I would write at least once a week.  Once a week!  How hard could that really be.  Oh, I've written plenty of emails and cards and letters, but have not sat down at my computer and really written.  I've been home for nearly a month recuperating from surgery with pretty much nothing but time on my hands and not one time until today have I spent that time writing.  I've thought about it, actually a lot of times.  I find that I am good at talking myself out of it, because really, who cares what I may have to say? 

I am currently reading a book titled "Firefly Lane" by Kristin Hannah.  I am not sure why I chose this book because it is not my normal type of fiction.  Maybe it was the cover art, which I did find lovely.  It is the story of two young women who meet at the age of 14 and become best friends "forever". The book documents all the twist and turns that they go through together as they grow older.  I usually steer clear of books that may elicit a lot of emotion and this one does, mainly because it has brought up memories of difficult times in my own life.  I find life emotional enough, so I read thrillers and horror, goofy teen novels and some light biographies.  I've fallen in love with this book, however and know I will read it again and again.  One of the lessons it has taught me is that it doesn't matter who reads what you write, only that you do it.  Writing is cathartic to me and while I am not so much of a storyteller, I strongly feel the need to express myself in this manner.  I guess it is why some people paint, or sculpt or dance.  Why post to a public forum?  I guess because I've read so many words that others have written that helped me in my life, shined a light on a solution to a problem, made me feel less alone.  I think anyone who creates anything has a bit of ego involved, so I guess that is why I post publicly.  Maybe one sentence I put down may help someone else.  So here I am again, trying to get back to the promise I made myself to write once a week, dipping my toe in before jumping in the pool. 

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