Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

Gosh, I cannot believe that it has been so long since I have written.  Lord knows I have probably had plenty to say.  I am a frustrated writer and blogging has been a great outlet for me, but I've been terrible at sticking with it.  I read an article recently about tips for writers and the number one thing was to write every day.  Every day!  I would love to do that, but where do you get the time?  I guess it comes down to what you make the priority, huh?  I don't know about every day, but I am going to try in 2013 to write at least once a week.  Don't worry, dear reader (if there are any), I won't subject you to suffer through a weekly blab, sometimes it will just be for me, but I am going to try and make that a priority. 

So here we are nearing the end of the world according to the Mayans.  Last night I was pondering the idea of what if it really is the end?  Have I said all that I need to say?  Am I satisfied with who I am in these final days?  If this is really the last week, how am I going to spend it? 

Well, obviously I will spend the last week at work.  I don't think my company will let me take the week off "just in case" the world ends on Friday.  I will still be expected to be in the office doing what I do.  Am I okay with that?  Hmmm...I guess I kind of am.  Work certainly does not define who I am, but truth be told the folks I work with are my family of sorts and spending the end times with them is okay by me.  I'm proud of the work I do, therefore if the end comes while I am doing it, I'm good. 

I don't really feel like I have left anything unsaid to those who are important to me.  Sandra knows I am sorry about never buying laundry detergent while we lived together.  My friends know I love them.  I am never shy about telling them.  My husband is aware that I think he hung the moon.  I've confessed my shortcomings and failures to the One who matters most.  I think I am good in the all things have been communicated department.   

There are a few things on my bucket list that I may have a regret or two about, but all in all I've had some amazing experiences and been to some incredible places in my life.  I've experienced so much more than I have ever imagined I would and I am so grateful.  Maybe I didn't get to NYC during the holidays to see it decked out in all the finery, but I did get to spend an amazing few days there with friends and created memories that are brighter than any Christmas lights.  I've owned my own motorcycle, snowmobiled through Yellowstone, held the fins of a dolphin and looked into eyes that I believe reflected an intellience equal to my own.  I've been moved to tears by a beautiful landscape, a photo taken by a friend, a piece of music, a painting and words written on a page.  I've seen a baby born, held the hand of a dying loved one and felt love strong enough that it lifted me off the ground.  I've laughed.  A lot. 

Do I really think that it is all going away on the 21st?  No, I don't, but I am going to try and walk through this coming week as if it is.  I am seriously going to make an effort to look at each day as one of the last we may share on this speck of dust and find wonder in each one.  I am going to do my best to be kind, patient and loving because after all, isn't that how we should be every day?  If the world doesn't end on Friday, maybe trying to live like it might will carry over to Saturday and Sunday and on and on and on....wouldn't that be great?

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  1. Writers Note: Obviously I looked at the calendar wrong... we still have two weeks!