Saturday, February 4, 2012

The New Blog

The first time I saw this picture I laughed out loud.  I love the somewhat crazed look in her eyes.  Yes, screaming and cursing certainly is cathartic and I have used those methods many times in the past.  I discovered last year, however that for me, writing is amazing therapy.  Of course, that is no big secret.  Therapists encourage us to keep journals of all types, sleep logs, diet logs, dream journals, personal diaries.  We have been encouraged to write down our feelings for as long as we have had the knowledge of writing.  Last year when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, blogging about my experience was key in helping me through it.  That blog also made me realize that writing is important to me.  It always has been.  Even as far back as high school composition class, I've been encouraged to write.  Mrs. Durbin was always pushing me to write more stories, explore a talent I might have. 

As an adult, I've harbored the dream of writing a book, like so many of us have.  I doubt I ever will, but the technology of the Internet has created blogging and I think it is great.  I follow a lot of blogs, many from well known personalities and more from friends or friends of friends. Blogging gives us a public forum to express ourselves, something I believe a good many of us need. Is it a bit egotistical to think anyone cares what I may have to say?  Yes, I think it is and I don't normally think I let ego chart my course.  I am going to plow ahead with this thing, regardless.  I have no theme in mind, no true direction, just my middle aged, peri-menopausal ramblings on life.  So here we go and I have to admit, I'm excited about having a place to just babble on.

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